Kathmandu, Nepal
Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal, located on Kathmandu Valley at an altitude of 1300 meters and surrounded by the icy peaks of the Himalayas. The metropolitan area totals about 1.5 million inhabitants. The capital of pilgrims and hippies is a city full of mystery in which countless beliefs influence each other. It is called the "city of 1000 temples": Hindu temples, with three level roofs alternate with Buddhist pagodas and pavilions decorated with images of gods and demons masks. The contrast between modern and traditional in Kathmandu is pushed to the limit, with the medieval atmosphere from the Old Town, very different from the modern area. Nepal's capital has a university, museums and factories. A specific image seen everywhere: temples, palaces, pagodas, shops with traditional items, narrow streets - the promenade place for sacred cows. The Durbar Square is a place of reference in the Old Town where you feel like time stood still. You can find here the royal palace built in the sixteenth century and dedicated to the monkey king Hanuman. Believers address prayers and bring him offerings, believing that the god protects them against diseases. Here is worshiped the elephant-headed god Ganesha as well who brings wisdom and wealth. The Nepal kings were crowned in the courtyard, in which you enter through a golden gate. Nearby there is another courtyard where offerings such as cows or chickens are brought to mother goddess Durga in order to appease her. 7 of the 10 monuments of the country included in the UNESCO World Heritage can be found in Kathmandu. Hopefully we have given you enough reasons to visit this open air museum. You will discover the rest on the spot...
Kathmandu, Nepal
St. Moritz - Switzerland
St. Moritz is the oldest and one of the most famous and beautiful resorts in the world. Elegant and exclusive, the resort is situated at an altitude of 1856 m and enjoys 322 sunny days per year, which is a record in Switzerland. St. Moritz is located on the upper Engadin valley at an altitude of 1856 m. This gives the advantage of having a fresh and clean air, that’s why the resort is ideal for those suffering from different allergies. I even found out that it is a famous balneotherapeutical resort and also has a modern spa centre. In 2003 the St. Moritz and Engadin regions were chosen by ADAC Ski Guide in five categories as the best in the world. Situated in the upper Engadin valley in the Swiss canton Graubünden, St. Moritz is the cradle of alpine tourism. The winter resort attracts rich and famous tourists since the mid-19th century, with its lake, imposing mountains and high forests. One of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe, St. Moritz is well known among the lovers of skiing, snowboarding, ice skating (which can be practiced even during summer), walking or biking. Moreover, it is a paradise for shopping enthusiasts since you can find here many famous shops often frequented by celebrities. Of all the attractions in St. Moritz, do not miss a visit to Heidi's chalet. Here it was filmed the famous film and it is one the most popular tourist attractions in the area. St. Moritz is the oldest resort in the world and one of the most famous, which has earned its reputation since the remotest times due to the mineral springs that flow from the mountain and are well known for their curative properties. St. Moritz has gained the title of "Top of the World" since 1987 after the registration of the brand of mineral water that is extremely pure and beneficial to health.
St. Moritz, Switzerland
Jade Mountain Santa Lucia
Jade Mountain is a hotel in St. Lucia, an island country in the Caribbean archipelago. Each room at Jade Mountain has only three walls and incredible views of the sea. The price of a room starts from $ 1,000 per night. The luxury resort is located in the western part of the island of Santa Lucia, in Soufrière, on a hilltop that offers a panoramic view of the Anse Chastanet Hotel, which is under the same management. Those staying at Jade Mountain Santa Lucia can use for free the facilities of the Anse Chastanet Hotel. The hotel offers concierge service as well, not only reception. The hotel has 29 rooms. Most of them have private pool and all enjoy a special design, according to the concept "missing the forth wall" which implies the absence of the fourth wall of the room that was replaced with a spectacular view of the sea. Located in a tropical paradise with breath-taking views of the turquoise sea, the charming Jade Mountain can be found on the island of St. Lucia in the Caribbean. For nowhere else you can better admire the famous Piton Mountains than from this masterpiece of organic architecture, which rises majestically on a cliff above the vast tropical gardens. The hotel is a declaration of love from the Russian-Canadian architect Nick Troubetzkoy to his adoptive home, the island of St. Lucia. Its specific design together with the furniture made of natural materials make Jade Mountain a unique place of refuge. The 29 rooms are divided into three categories of colour schemes, giving each room its own personality - Star, Moon and Sun. The Jade Mountain sanctuaries intentionally lack any element of technology - no telephone, radio or television. Just relax and forget about the everyday life. The hotel is considered by many guests the most beautiful and welcoming place in the Caribbean thanks to the luxury, outstanding services and original design of the entire resort, most rooms having only three walls and an overwhelming view of the bay and the Piton volcanoes. It is especially recommended for couples or for those who are interested in a luxury exotic vacation.
Castries, Saint Lucia
Lucerne - the little jewel in central Switzerland
Located in the heart of Switzerland, Lucerne is a small town that has preserved intact over the years its beauty and its culture. The city came to public attention in the 19th century when some influential people such as Queen Victoria and Goethe spoke in very beautiful terms about it. Surrounded by majestic mountains and embellished by the Lake Lucerne, the city is the ideal destination for those who love paragliding. Tourists will be delighted with the unique look of the city completed by bridges or with the walk places by the water and the houses in pastel colours. In addition, Lucerne is the place where there were born some of the most beautiful songs of all time. The town is dominated by rocky and bald mountains. Is the well-known Pilatus peak and everywhere in the city and you'll see advertisements that invite you to climb it. Do not worry, it's not very difficult, you can find everywhere cable cars or trains rack, but a complete tour will give you a gorgeous picture from the peak which dominates a good part of northern Switzerland (basically the Central Switzerland Massif begins with Pilatus), but also an excellent boat trip on Lake Lucerne. The main tourist attractions of the city are the Chapel Bridge, built in 1365, the oldest wooden bridge in Europe and the city’s water tower which stands since 1300 and is the most photographed building in Lucerne. In addition, the perfect combination of three different cultures - German, French and Italian - is irresistible to tourists. It means, among other things, three types of traditional dishes, three traditional costumes and a variety of ancient customs.
Lucerne, Switzerland
Monastery of Arkadi in Rethymno, Crete, Greece
The Arkadi Monastery is one of the most famous and beloved Orthodox monasteries in Crete, Greece, being located at only 23 kilometres in the southeast of the Rethymnon town. The Arkadi Monastery is surrounded by vineyards and olive groves. The monastery occupies an important role in the history of Crete; from here it starts the momentum towards gaining the independence of the island that was under the authority of the Ottoman Empire for more than two centuries. In 1866, the Arkadi monastery was used as a place of refuge by the Cretan rebels. The Arkadi Monastery was one of the biggest cultural centres during the Renaissance. Located 30 kilometres southwest of Rethymno, the Arkadi monastery is surrounded by olive groves and vineyards. The monastery is linked to some memorable events that occurred during the times when the island was fighting the Turks attacks. In the reflector’s door there still are visible traces of bullets, an old cypress in the courtyard of the monastery still keeps the bullet encrusted and the windmill was turned into a charnel house in which are preserved skulls of those who perished in the bloody slaughter. The Arkadi Monastery is a unique tourist attraction in Crete. This is the place of a true Greek tragedy and the walls of the monastery remained as a testimony of a tumultuous period in history. In 1866 the inhabitants of Crete were under Turkish rule, but they decided to rebel. During the riots, more than 900 people, mostly women and children, found refuge in the monastery. Turks began a siege of the Arkadi Monastery. After three days, the invaders managed to break the Greek defence and to penetrate the gates of the worship place. This is the moment when one of the most tragic events in the history of Crete happened. The people sheltered in the monastery refused to be taken captive and they burned the gunpowder barrels, blowing up the building. Thus perished nearly 1,000 Cretans as well as numerous Turks and the Arkadi Monastery, dating from the twelfth century was severely damaged. In 1870, only four years after the tragedy, the monastery was restored and today is considered to be a symbol of the struggle for freedom of the inhabitants of Crete.
Crete, Greece
Charles Bridge (Karluv Most) in Prague
Charles Bridge over the Vltava River is surely one of the most beautiful places in Prague. It is the oldest bridge in the city, built between XIV and XV centuries, linking the banks of the river. Embellished with statues and lamps, the bridge forms together with the gothic towers at each end a breath-taking historical monument. There is no better place in Prague for an evening walk. The construction of the Charles Bridge began in 1357 and it was completed in the early XV century. It has 515 meters long and 9.50 meters wide, it has 16 pillars (with heights between 16 and 23 meters) and the paving is 13 meters above the Vltava River. Charles Bridge is decorated with 30 statues on both parapets. Most of them were placed there between 1706 and 1714. The first cross was placed on the Charles Bridge in the XIV century. The Bruncvik statue was placed there before 1503, but only its pedestal is exposed there. The statue is in the National Museum Lapidary and on the bridge there is a replica that’s exposed. The oldest preserved statue is the statue of St. John of Nepomulk from 1683 and the newest one is the statue of St. Cyril and St. Methodius from 1928. Charles Bridge in Prague manages to attract thousands of tourists, captivated by that magical moment, as if lost in time. It may happen due to its venerable and noisy history, to the gallery of saints keep here to eternity or maybe due to the unique view that we can admire in the direction of the Prague Castle. Whatever the reasons why the Charles Bridge in Prague is so appreciated and admired, tourists along with locals love to walk or idle along the wide sidewalks of hundreds of years, giving to the Czech capital that unique character that we can enjoy every day.
Prague, Czech Republic
Place de la Concorde, Paris
Place de la Concorde is the largest public square in Paris and separates the Tuileries gardens from the Champs-Elysees Boulevard. It was originally called Louis XV Market and in the middle it was placed an equestrian statue of Louis XV. The market has the shape of an octagon; its construction began in 1754 and it was completed in 1763. A period after its construction, the market has served as a meeting place for participants in the bloodiest revolution in the history of France. After revolutionaries seized power, they renamed it The Revolution Square and replaced the statue of King Louis XV with a guillotine. Between 1793 and 1795, over 1300 people were beheaded, including Louis XVI, Marie Antoinette, Danton and Robespierre. The name of Place de la Concorde symbolises the end of an era of suffering and the hope for a better future. The Obelisk of Luxor, a pink granite monolith was given to France in 1829 by the viceroy of Egypt, Mehemet Ali and replaced the guillotine from the Place de la Concorde. The building, which used to mark the entrance in the Amon temple has over 3300 years old and it is decorated with hieroglyphs representing the power of the Pharaohs Ramesses II and III. The obelisk that was brought in 1833 weighs 230 tons and has 22.83 meters. Having survived more than 33 centuries, the obelisk has suffered most damage in the last half of the last century due to exposure to pollution from exhaust fumes. The obelisk is a monument with four inscribed surfaces forming a pyramid to the top. Egyptians rose them by two and they were associated with sunlight which grew in thickness when approaching the ground. In each corner of the octagon forming the market there are statues representing the French cities: Lille, Strasbourg, Lyon, Marseille, Bordeaux, Nantes, Brest and Rouen. In the south-east of the market, the Concorde Bridge passes over the Seine towards the Bourbon Palace where the National Assembly is located. Near the Obelisk, in the Tuileries gardens you can find the Orangerie Museum.
Paris, France
Great Lounge Terrasse with swimming pool
At the top of a Gym building in Malasana, Gymage is a great conversion of a rooftop, offering food and drinks; At night the place is very nice with the lightings, swimming pool and surroundings; Very nice place for tapas and drinks;
Madrid, Spain
Great concept place, bars and restaurants in an old theater
Platea is a great place to spend an evening, between having diner or good cocktails. It is a former theater that was very wisely transformed into a place with a mix of restaurants and bars; On the ground floors, you have a mix of kiosks offering a variety of food : Spanish, Peruvian, Italian, French, Asian,... all in good quality; In addition, you have too cocktail bars; On the 1st floor you have a seated restaurant offering international food with a good quality price ratio. On the 2nd floor a cocktail bar which does really good cocktails. A very nice atmosphere with a mix of live and DJ musics depending on the nights, but at an acceptable level allowing you to speak with your friends; You definitly need to book before going to the 1st floor restaurant otherwise you will have low chance to get a table; Great Place with Great Atmosphere
Madrid, Spain
Hotel Paradise Blue, Albena, Bulgaria
Blue Paradise Hotel ***** with a sea view is located in the central part of Albena, on the Black Sea beach. Blue Paradise 5 star hotel in Albena is the new pearl of the resort and is located right in the center, on the beach. Blue Paradise Hotel in Albena resort is a new construction of 5 *, located in the central part of the resort, which will open its doors in the early summer of 2017. Blue Paradise promises its tourists quality services and facilities, modern and comfortable rooms, a-la-carte restaurants, buffet with exceptional dishes from pure organic products and bars. For a peaceful and relaxing stay, Paradise Blue ***** offers its tourists a Spa & Wellness Centre with unique and innovative treatment programs and an outdoor pool with a wonderful view to the Black Sea. Paradise Blue 5 * provides 233 rooms and 1-bedroom apartments spread over 9 floors. All the rooms have a modern and elegant design endowed with: flat screen TV, cable TV, safe-deposit box, telephone, Internet access, minibar, air conditioning, bathroom with bathtub and shower, hairdryer and balcony. Paradise Blue 5 * offers tourists the following services and facilities: reception, lobby bar, pool bar, main buffet restaurant, a-la-carte restaurant, pool bar, terrace, night club, spa with unique and innovative treatment programs, indoor pool, outdoor pool with stunning sea views, swimming pool for children with water attractions, fitness center, kids club, Internet, conference hall with 500 seats, room service, laundry and ironing, Rent-a-car, exchange office, hairdresser, underground parking. The proximity of the beach, modern design, latest technologies, generous pools, a la carte restaurant and the main restaurant with dishes from organic products or the night bar are only some of the reasons why Paradise Blue from Albena will soon become the most sought after hotel for tourists who want a seaside holiday with style and refinement.
Albena, Bulgaria
Square Rynek Glowny - Krakow, Poland
The main Market Square in Krakow is one of the largest medieval squares in the world. It is located in the old city center and is surrounded by several tourist attractions really worth seeing. The best-known urban area of Krakow, the Rynek Glowny market dates from the thirteenth century and it was built for commercial purposes. The square is located in the old city center, surrounded by numerous palaces, churches and other historical buildings. With an area of 40,000 square meters, it is the largest medieval square in Europe. Since it is very lively throughout the year, it is ranked as the best European public space. Rynek Glowny is a spacious square surrounded by historic houses, palaces and churches. The center of the market is dominated by the Sukiennice, rebuilt in 1555 in the Renaissance style with a beautiful attic decorated with carved masks. On the side of Sukiennice is the City Hall Tower, on the other side the Church St. Wojciech (St. Adalbert) from the tenth century and the Adam Mickiewicz Monument from 1898. Above the square stands the Gothic tower of Basilica of St. Mary. The main function of the Central Market was commerce. After the city was destroyed by the Mongol invasions in 1241, the main square was rebuilt in 1257 and its commercial role was extended by granting the Magdeburg rights to the city by the Prince of Krakow, Boleslaus I of Poland.
Kraków, Poland
Tsarevo - Bulgaria
Tsarevo is a town as beautiful as all others that are situated between sea and mountains, and thanks to this it has some therapeutic benefits for the body, especially the lungs. From Tsarevo you can see the Papiya peak with an altitude that barely exceeds 500 meters, but that's not really important because just on top you can find the ruins of an ancient fortress. At first glance you might think that Tsarevo is a small town where locals do not really have much to do and the 6,000 people who live here seem to reinforce this idea. However the town is a real economic center with many places where you can buy souvenirs, clothes and everything that you need for living and a hospital as well. Tsarevo is a town as beautiful as all others that are situated between sea and mountains, and thanks to this it has some therapeutic benefits for the body, especially the lungs. From Tsarevo you can see the Papiya peak with an altitude that barely exceeds 500 meters, but that's not really important because just on top you can find the ruins of an ancient fortress. At first glance you might think that Tsarevo is a small town where locals do not really have much to do and the 6,000 people who live here seem to reinforce this idea. However the town is a real economic center with many places where you can buy souvenirs, clothes and everything that you need for living and a hospital as well. Tsarevo is a complex holiday destination because it offers both sea and mountains. Once you get here it would be a shame not to spend some time in the forests present here. Moreover this mountain known under the name of Stradzha is a real history book because if we take into consideration the impressive number of caves where we can see and explore traces of some ancient civilisations we realise how boundless our history is until present. A very well-known tradition in this area which delights every tourist are those dances that take place in the village of Bulgari on every special occasion, holidays, at the opening of festivals etc.
Tsarevo, Bulgaria
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