Arthur's Seat
The best views of Edinburgh and a 'must do' in my opinion. A slight challenge, may take about an hour to get up but the juice is worth the squeeze! Try pick a nice day, and wear sturdy shoes. If you have time you should try go to The Sheeps Heid on the way down (the oldest pub in Edinburgh and very accessible if you're over that part of town).
Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Calton Hill
Situated right in the centre of the city, Calton Hill is unmistakable with its Athenian acropolis poking above the skyline. The acropolis is actually an unfinished monument - originally called the "Scottish National Monument". Initiated a year after Napoleon's defeat at Waterloo, it was meant to be a replica of the Parthenon in Athens, as a memorial to those who had died in the Napoleonic Wars. However, it was never finished because funds ran dry and it therefore became known as "Edinburgh's shame". Now, ironically, it has become a popular landmark and the home to a lovely afternoon stroll. If you feel Arthur's Seat is a little beyond you, then the 10 minute walk up to this cultural hub is just what you need. Beautiful views of Princes Street, Arthur's Seat and the Castle.
Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Another favourite restaurant of mine situated in the heart of Old Town. Absolutely delicious Thai food for an incredible price; at lunchtime prices range from £5.90 to about £8 and it is all fantastic. Prices go up at supper time but it is still incredibly good value. The Pad-See-Ew with beef, the Khao Mung Gai Tod or the green/red Thai curry would be my recommendations! Be prepared for a queue, it's very popular. It is the partner of another restaurant called The Outsider just around the corner, which is also delicious but serves more traditional food.
Edinburgh, United Kingdom
The Caves
Hidden away in the ancient Edinburgh Vaults, The Caves once served as a watering hole for the local reprobates as well as a dumping ground for the bloodless victims of notorious serial killers Burke and Hare. Rediscovered two centuries later, The Caves has transformed Edinburgh's music scene, becoming one of the city's most iconic venues. You'll have to look online to see who's playing but they often host bands or DJs (as well as weddings and other private events). It is definitely worth a visit if you are looking to see what Edinburgh has to offer in terms of nightlife.
Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Chez Joules
Delightful little French restaurant in the heart of New Town. Extremely good lunchtime deals but would recommend going in the evening as the atmosphere is much better. Delicious French food at a very decent price. Couldn't recommend it more.
Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Pear Tree House
If you're looking for a place to sit and have a beer on a hot summers day (of which there aren't many!)then look no further. Delicious beers and a cracking garden to drink them in.
Edinburgh, United Kingdom
A very scottish pub hidden away right up the top of Northumberlannd Place, good music, nice atmosphere and a great terrace. Potentially a little overpriced but if it's a small traditional Sottish pub you're after then you've come to the right place.
Edinburgh, United Kingdom
The Sheep's Heid Inn
The oldest pub in Edinburgh and probably my favorite. It's a long way away but if you're climbing Arthur's Seat then you have to go. It is absolutely charming, the most quintessentially Scottish pub you'll ever go to. The food is delicious, a huge selection of beer and other alcoholic drinks are available, there is a lovely terrace and even an old bowling alley!
Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Snowdonia National Park
Across the United Kingdom there is not „a place more varied , focused in an area as small as Snowdonia National Park’ , the largest and the most important reserve in Wales. Here, in Snowdonia, or Eryri, as it is called in Gaelic, there are many natural monuments and many tourist and cultural objectives . Lakes , castles , waterfalls , mountains and railways - all create an enchanting atmosphere , the story looking like being taken from the Lord of the Rings. Signs and names everywhere are imprinted both in English and Welsh , and the Welsh traditional aspects of life such as gastronomy , clothing and crafts are still alive . The region is also a popular destination for nature hikes , kayaking and many other sports and activities in nature. Snowdonia National Park was founded in 1953 and was then the third largest reserve in the UK and the first national park in Wales. It has an area of 2 142 square km , includes a coastal zone of 60 kilometers on the Atlantic coast , and it is located in the region with the same name in north west Wales. It is a place bathed in ancient legends and true stories , and it was a natural fortress of the nobles of Gwynedd 's house and Llewellyn , the last true Prince of Wales. Interestingly , unlike national parks in other countries , Snowdonia ( like other British reservations ) consists of land belonging to both authorities and individuals . Thus, about 69% of the area is made up of private lands which belong to people who have accepted to establish a reserve with full protection and conservation regime . The entire coastal area of the park, along the Llyn Peninsula is a Special Area of Conservation, with numerous dune ecosystems . The forests in the park are composed of evergreen and deciduous species, like the birch , oak and hazel Welsh . Gwydir Forest near Betws -y- Coed is composed only of conifers. Most part of Snowdonia is under strict laws of protection and conservation of the local ecosystems, very important for the biodiversity throughout the UK.
Wakefield, United Kingdom
Elba Island Italy
Elba is an island in the Mediterranean Sea in Tuscany , Italy , about 20 km from the coast of Grosseto. It is the largest island in the Tuscan Archipelago and the third largest of the Italian islands . Elba and the other islands in the Tuscan Archipelago ( Pianosa , Capraia , Montecristo , Giglio and Giannutri ) are protected in the Tuscan Archipelago National Park. Elba Island is the largest remaining stretch of land from the portion of land that connected the Italian peninsula to Corsica. The Northern coasts are bathed by the Ligurian Sea , the eastern coast by the Channel waters of Piombino, on the south coast borders the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Corsica channel. The landscape is quite varied and divided into several parts , depending on the conformation and geology. The mountains are in the west , where there is Mount Capanne ( 1018 meters ( 3340 m ) ) , also called the " roof of the Tuscan Archipelago " . The mountain hosts many species of animals, including wild boars and mouflon sheep and theses are still breeding despite the continuous influx of tourists visiting the mountain. The central part of the island is flat with only four kilometres width. Here are the major shopping centres : Portoferraio , Campo nell Elba . To the east , it is the oldest part of the island , which was formed 400 million years ago . In the hilly area , dominated by Monte Calamita , there are deposits of iron that made Elba a famous area. The climate is predominantly Mediterranean , with the exception of Mount Capanne where winters tend to be moderately cold . Precipitation falls mainly during fall. Winter temperatures are around 12-13 Celsius degrees , while in summer they are between 24 and 30 degrees Celsius.
Turin, Italy
Popular and rustic sea lounge in Anfeh
The Anfeh sea shore became quite popular when the Fisherman's barracks were painted in white and blue "Santorini style" and transformed into sea lounges and fish restaurants. Do not expect a Fancy-Shancy place like the luxury resort in Jiyeh - South Beirut, but rather quite simple and rustic place. It is mainly nice to go for a drink, a shisha and enjoy the sea. If you are picky on confort and cleannes, you should avoid;
Anfeh, Lebanon
Abraham Lincoln Memorial , Washington DC
In a city full of important monuments, the Lincoln Memorial is truly special. One can not visit the US capital and not admire the imposing statue of the sixteenth President of the United States. If that is not enough, even the stairs of this building have made ​​history after Martin Luther King Jr. deliver his famous speech " I have a dream" . Lincoln Memorial was built between 1915 - 1922 in honor of Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States . The monument project was drawn up by the architect Henry Bacon. The 36 columns in Doric style which are surrounding the statue of Lincoln symbolize the 36 states of the United States of America , as it was in the time of Lincoln's presidency . Later, on the wall of the monument appeared the other 12 states which have subsequently entered into the union membership . The walls have inscriptions with speeches of the US President. Thus, on the north wall is Lincoln's speech since his selection as president in 1865 , and on the south wall can be read his speech at Gettysburg . The imposing statue made of white marble, opera of sculptor Daniel Chester French, presents President Lincoln sitting and has a height of 5.80 meters . The construction began in 1914. The project, chosen by the New Yorker architect Henry Bacon, was based on an ancient Greek temple with 36 columns . When the monument was completed in May 1922, the Union had expanded with another 12 new states, so on the outside walls of the monument were carved the names of the 48states. After the admission of Alaska and Hawaii states in the Union , a new plaque has been added with the names of the new states.
Washington, D.C., United States
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