Queenstown, New Zealand
Queenstown is a resort town on the South Island, in the Otago region, in the south-west of New Zealand. It is built around an entry called Queenstown Bay on Lake Wakatipu, a long and narrow lake in Z-shape, formed after a glacial process, and has spectacular views of the nearby mountains. Queenstown city's population reaches 10,500 residents in the urban area and it exceeds 20,000 residents in the district area. Queenstown has an alpine climate with great temperature fluctuations from 25 ° C - 30 ° C in the summer months (July) to 8 ° C in the winter months (December, January and February). Queenstown is well known for its spirit of adventure and extreme sports possibilities. The city is amazing: it’s a place where you can find everything you may look for. If you're the adventurous type , you have a lot of activities to choose from: elastic rope jumping, skydiving, paragliding, hang gliding, jetboating, horse riding, and mountain biking. If you are interested in the nightlife, you also have a great choice: bars, restaurants, nightclubs, some of them open until morning. You have the opportunity to meet interesting people, Queenstown being singular in New Zealand with the multicultural society and with representatives from all over the world. Queenstown is one of the most beautiful cities surrounded by the Southern Alps, near Lake Wakatipu - the longest in New Zealand. A superb view is offered by the gondola over the city.
Auckland, New Zealand
Ithaa - The first underwater restaurant in the world, 5 meters below the Indian Ocean.
Have dinner on the bottom of the sea in the first underwater restaurant in the world! With walls made entirely of glass and located 5 meters deep in the Indian Ocean, there is now opened the first underwater restaurant in the world, called Ithaa, which belongs to the exclusive resort Conrad Maldives Hotel. Fine cuisine in a unique place, unparalleled anywhere in the world! This is what the world's first underwater restaurant offers, a marvel that belongs to the luxury resort Conrad Maldives Hotel. It was built so the guests could enjoy freely the beauty of the ocean and underwater life without having to dive. Located right in the crystal clear water, the restaurant is so bright that both employees and guests are required to wear sunglasses. Described as the most beautiful restaurant in the world by the New York Daily News, Ithaa ("mother of pearl" in Dihevi, the official language of the Maldives), offers a panoramic view that is absolutely breathtaking. The restaurant is built in order to accommodate a total of 14 people, and a dinner here costs about 190 pounds per person. It serves fine European cuisine, from caviar and lobster to seafood. It is also open for breakfast, brunch, and it can be rented for private parties or unusual weddings. With unrivalled views, the 5-star restaurant of the Conrad Maldives Hotel was built specifically so the guests could enjoy the beauty of the ocean without getting wet. Under the blue and crystal clear water, the restaurant is so bright that customers and staff, are required to wear sunglasses.
Male, Maldives
Sea Life London Aquarium
The London Aquarium, Sea Life London Aquarium, hosted by the historic building County Hall located on the Thames is one of the largest aquariums in Europe. Thousands of marine creatures from around the world can be admired by visitors. The London Aquarium is hosted by the Country Hall building which was built in the early 20th centry and served as headquarters for the London City Council until it was abandoned in 1986. The aquarium opened its doors in 1997 and occupies several floors in the center of this historic building. The aquarium covers three floors where can be admired over three thousand species of marine animals and plants, located in more than 50 tanks containing an impressive amount of water - over two million liters. This number makes the London Aquarium one of the biggest attractions of this kind in all Europe. Sea Life in London is divided into several areas. Each of these areas represents a different biotope such as rivers or oceans. There is a very large aquarium that simulates the existing conditions in the habitat of the Thames. Other ecosystems are presented in aquariums containing an impressive variety of fish and other animals such as octopus, squid or jellyfish. The biggest attraction is represented by a huge aquarium with sharks and stingrays. Another impressive aquarium is the one that presents the habitat from the Indian Ocean where you can find other stingrays, sea anemones, sharks and colourful fish specific to this area. Sharks are the most popular among tourists who flock to see these dangerous animals but piranha, crocodiles or seahorses attract tourists’ attention as well. Stingrays are popular especially among children because they can even pat them in a special aquarium.
London, United Kingdom
Karoly Kiss's poplar tree - Cuzăplac, Salaj County
One of the most beautiful tourist attractions from Salaj county and in the same too little knowned is the “Karoly Kiss's poplar tree”. The Poplar tree belongs to the white poplar species (populus alba) and is probably the oldest tree from the Almas Valley. Locals say it would have over 350-400 years. Because the tree is too little is known, some of it is down due to a fire caused by some shepherds unaware of the value of such a secular tree. “Karoly Kiss's poplar tree” is right at the edge of the Roman road or "Traian's Road" as the locals call it, the road that connects the Optatiana - Porolissum Roman camp and Napoca. If you are near the Cuzăplac village, do not miss this goal, you will be amazed by the grandeur of this centuries-old tree.
Jibou, Romania
14 seats
14 seats is one of the most important tourist attractions of Buzau county. 14 seats is the name of a waterfall formed on the Siriu dam, but also the name of a famous cottages of the county. Situated in a unique natural area in the very mountainous terrain, 14 seats manages to relax the tourists of this region, creating for them a green and quiet oasis. Near the 14 chairs Chalet, you can admire the greatness Siriu dam, the Siriu baths and the Pruncea Falls. Those are located at around 2 kilometers from it. Each time we get in these places, the mountainous terrain reveals us wonderful views but also some impressive mountain trails. From here you can follow trails to Eagle Lake, Gura Teghii or to Penteleu Massif. The fauna and flora are specific to mountain relief, being able to enjoy the different species of animals and plants.
Buzau, Romania
BEST sandwich I have ever had. The menu is numbered up to about 40, but look no further than No. 9 - it will blow your mind. Friendly staff, but a very small restaurant with little seating area. 'Not a great place, but a great sandwich'
Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Valachia Restaurant
A unique and traditional restaurant in Cluj-Napoca, Valachia Restaurant offers its costumers the all inclusive experience with great food and service that is combined with a relaxing and traditional atmosphere. Valachia Restaurant respects the traditions and the tastes of the Romanian people and warmly welcome its customers by offering the tasty and healthy dishes. All dishes are made after old Romanian recipes and all the and fruits and vegetables used in their kitchen are picked from Cluj areas.
Cluj-Napoca, Romania
A lovely place to go and have a wander around. It has these beautiful bending streets that run down to it just off the royal mile. Have a beer in the numerous pubs, do a bit of shopping or even grab a bite to eat.
Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Arthur's Seat
The best views of Edinburgh and a 'must do' in my opinion. A slight challenge, may take about an hour to get up but the juice is worth the squeeze! Try pick a nice day, and wear sturdy shoes. If you have time you should try go to The Sheeps Heid on the way down (the oldest pub in Edinburgh and very accessible if you're over that part of town).
Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Calton Hill
Situated right in the centre of the city, Calton Hill is unmistakable with its Athenian acropolis poking above the skyline. The acropolis is actually an unfinished monument - originally called the "Scottish National Monument". Initiated a year after Napoleon's defeat at Waterloo, it was meant to be a replica of the Parthenon in Athens, as a memorial to those who had died in the Napoleonic Wars. However, it was never finished because funds ran dry and it therefore became known as "Edinburgh's shame". Now, ironically, it has become a popular landmark and the home to a lovely afternoon stroll. If you feel Arthur's Seat is a little beyond you, then the 10 minute walk up to this cultural hub is just what you need. Beautiful views of Princes Street, Arthur's Seat and the Castle.
Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Another favourite restaurant of mine situated in the heart of Old Town. Absolutely delicious Thai food for an incredible price; at lunchtime prices range from £5.90 to about £8 and it is all fantastic. Prices go up at supper time but it is still incredibly good value. The Pad-See-Ew with beef, the Khao Mung Gai Tod or the green/red Thai curry would be my recommendations! Be prepared for a queue, it's very popular. It is the partner of another restaurant called The Outsider just around the corner, which is also delicious but serves more traditional food.
Edinburgh, United Kingdom
The Caves
Hidden away in the ancient Edinburgh Vaults, The Caves once served as a watering hole for the local reprobates as well as a dumping ground for the bloodless victims of notorious serial killers Burke and Hare. Rediscovered two centuries later, The Caves has transformed Edinburgh's music scene, becoming one of the city's most iconic venues. You'll have to look online to see who's playing but they often host bands or DJs (as well as weddings and other private events). It is definitely worth a visit if you are looking to see what Edinburgh has to offer in terms of nightlife.
Edinburgh, United Kingdom
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