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Lucerne - the little jewel in central Switzerland Lucerne, SwitzerlandSwitzerland

Lucerne, Switzerland - Lucerne, Switzerland
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Lucerne - the little jewel in central Switzerland
05 March 2017 Price range : 0 - 10 USD
Located in the heart of Switzerland, Lucerne is a small town that has preserved intact over the years its beauty and its culture. The city came to public attention in the 19th century when some influential people such as Queen Victoria and Goethe spoke in very beautiful terms about it.
Surrounded by majestic mountains and embellished by the Lake Lucerne, the city is the ideal destination for those who love paragliding. Tourists will be delighted with the unique look of the city completed by bridges or with the walk places by the water and the houses in pastel colours. In addition, Lucerne is the place where there were born some of the most beautiful songs of all time.
The town is dominated by rocky and bald mountains. Is the well-known Pilatus peak and everywhere in the city and you'll see advertisements that invite you to climb it. Do not worry, it's not very difficult, you can find everywhere cable cars or trains rack, but a complete tour will give you a gorgeous picture from the peak which dominates a good part of northern Switzerland (basically the Central Switzerland Massif begins with Pilatus), but also an excellent boat trip on Lake Lucerne.
The main tourist attractions of the city are the Chapel Bridge, built in 1365, the oldest wooden bridge in Europe and the city’s water tower which stands since 1300 and is the most photographed building in Lucerne.
In addition, the perfect combination of three different cultures - German, French and Italian - is irresistible to tourists. It means, among other things, three types of traditional dishes, three traditional costumes and a variety of ancient customs.
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