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If time machine was in fact this tea-house ?
Qui One Quint: tea house, pipe and tobacco
If time machine was in fact this tea-house ?
Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Type : Lounge
You might have once wondered if a place is real, or if you just dreamed somehow about it... Qui One Quint is a very "unlikely" place... First you have to know it to find it (and even if you heard about it, it is not easy to locate it at your first try...) You will eventually find it in the underground of a quite ancient building, and from the moment its door opens, you will feel transposed to a completely different context, like reborn in another dimension... Everything in there seems to come direct from brave old times ; furniture, books, etc You might be overwhelmed by peace and quietness this place inspires For sure the fact that this place is invisible from outside keep it unknown from most common mortals, and it is not rare to be the only client/s in the whole place... (there is even a "club" for closest clients who want to emphasize their special relation with this special place). Everything is smooth and cozy in there, and the little that can be seen outside, mainly central park, enhances your feeling of quietness. You can choose between a huge variety of quite good teas (you might be shown how leafs and flowers smell), and will become a more than sufficing tea, with honey and excellent Austrian biscuits (In fact this place is the "visit card" from Demers products importer in Cluj...) So lets have a try when you want to relax and evade from a crazy rithm of life, you can also transmit this tip, but with discretion, because, as said the friend that first took me to this place " if it becomes well known, it might loose a big part of its charm!"
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