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The term "Site" refers to website and all its pages, messages, text, images, graphics or code page of the Site, as well as it's sub-domains such as "Services" means all services available on the Site


The terms "you" and "User" means any individual or entity accessing the site


These Terms of Service (TOS), subject to French law, were intended to govern use of the site and services published by the company Inovad SARL (hereinafter designated "Inovad"). Any user commits himself by connecting to the site to unreservedly accept these Terms and acknowledges having read in their entirety.


Inovad reserves the right to modify all or part of these Terms, and it is the user's responsibility to ensure such changes by referring to it regularly.


The site is published by Inovad SARL, 11 rue de Javel 75015, Paris - France.

The publication director is Joseph Freiha.


The site is Hosted at OVH: 2 rue Kellermann - 59100 Roubaix - France


Every user has at any time a right to access and rectify data concerning him. This right may be exercised by mail or e-mail communication with Inovad:

• Address: Inovad SARL, 11 rue de Javel, 75015 Paris France

• Email: 

Copyright and Intellectual Property

The site is the exclusive property of the company Inovad SARL. All copyright protected works reproduced on the site are reserved, except if expressly stated by written authorization of the company Inovad SARL. The reproduction, access and dissemination for purposes other than private, individual and not commercial purposes is prohibited.

Use of Cookies

To facilitate the use of the site, cookies may be placed on the hard disk of the user.

These cookies are designed to customize the display in order to improve the service and the users experience, by customizing the page displays and advertising to better meet the users navigation habits. The user may oppose the establishment of these cookies by modifying the browser settings. However browsing the Site may be impaired.

Obligations of members


Any visitor to the Site acknowledge that they have the skills and resources necessary to access the different sections of the site. The visitor has verified that the configuration used is virus or and that it is in perfect working condition. Inovad shall in no case be liable for any malfunction. Anyone who has been invited by a user of the Site to leave comments or publish the Content will comply with the laws. It is recalled that only the visitor is responsible for the content it broadcasts on the Internet, in any case Inoavd will be regarded as responsible for the content posted by a visitor to this site


Caring for others

As a provider of Web content, including photographs, videos or comments that you make, you are obliged to respect the laws and regulations. It is your responsibility therefore to ensure that the storage and dissemination of that content via the Site is not


1-     in violation of intellectual property rights of third parties,


2-     a serious personal injury (including defamation, insults, abuse , etc..) and privacy


3-     a breach of public order and morality (in particular, advocating crimes against humanity, incitement to racial hatred, child pornography etc..).


Otherwise, the content will be removed under the conditions specified in the following paragraph and / or your disabled account without prior formality. In addition, you incur personally, the penalties specific content issue (imprisonment and fine) in addition to the possible sentence to the payment of damages. Given the nature of the site and out of respect for the sensibilities of everyone, it is for the user to maintain a certain ethic about the photographs, videos and / or comments online and, in particular, to refrain from disseminating any content of a violent or pornographic. For all practical purposes, each content will be automatically associated with a link that enables users to report abuse.

Your obligations for the content that you add to site

You are considered solely responsible for the content (comments, text, photos, geographic positions ...) that you publish on the Site. You also agree to have all the rights to such content. As such, you will not held Inovad responsible for all damages which third parties could rely on for the content that you have released.

Are strictly prohibited:

-       The words and / or content that are:


-       insulting, degrading,


-       libelous, defamatory, disrespectful,


-       racist or inciting hatred,


-       pornographic or pedophile,


-       promoting sex tourism;


-       designed to convey a political opinion, religious or ideological


-       irrelevant on the subject of category,


-       advertising incentives to business,


-       and more generally, all the statements and / or content contrary to morality and / or laws. Finally, you agree not to possess and disseminate material or information: - On which a third party owns copyright, unless having obtained prior consent, - Violating the privacy of others.


-       Any message and / or content that violates or is contrary to these provisions will be removed immediately and without prior notice or justification. In addition, a warning to seek your good conduct will be addressed. Inovad reserves the right to complain and make available to justice the IP addresses of members in cases of abuse and repeated warnings. Inovad also reserves the possibility of: - Delete the exchange of more than three months, posted on forums or other - Keep the messages or move from one theme to another. Finally, you authorize the Site to make any necessary technical changes. You also grant the right to Inovad to insert advertising and logo on your comments and content.

Titles and Grades

The titles and grades given in does not give any priveledges outside of the website, and obviously, don't have anything to do with the real titles in case they exist for a country or a city. Any priveledges given for a Garde and/or Title are temporary and can be changed by management team without any previous notice.

Assignment of Rights

You agree to transfer to Inovad the right to use and exploit the content available on the Site (messages, opinions, comments, suggestions, photographs) and in the absence of any financial contribution. This content can be freely used, modified, reproduced, adapted, distributed, perhaps assigned to a third party, in whole or in part, by any process, and some media of any kind will be known or unknown.

Ability to accept the TOS

Children under the age of 13 are not allowed to register on the Site. If you are under 13 years, thank you not to use or access the site in any way. If you are a parent or legal guardian of a child under 13 would have registered on the site, thank you to send us an email with the information necessary for the cancellation of registration of the child. In this email, thank you to include your full name and address, full name and address of the child, the nature of your relationship with the child, your daytime phone and evening, your email address and a signed indicating that you are a parent or legal representative. Inovad reserves the right to seek additional information to verify your identity and the nature of your relationship with the child. This information will be used only to verify that you are a parent or guardian of the child.

Links to external sites

The Site contains links and banner advertising, promotional or sponsorship to websites of third party resellers or independent service providers. Inovad is not responsible for the content of such third party sites and therefore can not be held liable for transactions made between you and the third, especially as regards the quality, availability, compliance products and services purchased . It is your responsibility to conduct all due diligence and verification that you consider necessary before proceeding with any transaction with such parties.

Liability and Warranty

Inovad will do its best to maintain the site and its services accessible online permanently. However Inovad reserves the right to suspend, modify or discontinue all or part of Services, temporarily or permanently, at any time and, in particular for technical reasons, maintenance operations or update.


Inovad shall in no case be liable for any damage, direct or indirect, including, but not not limited to lost profits, of goodwill, data or other loss in connection with the use of the site and services or the inability to use or any event connected with the site and / or third.


All material downloaded and / or obtained in any manner whatsoever when using the site and services are at your risk and peril. Inovad will not be held responsible for any damage and / or information loss suffered by your computer or other equipment, including mobile consecutively has this download.



Responsibility for the validity of the information

Most of the information presented on the site and all its pages are provided by non moderated users generated content. Despite all the efforts Inovad does, it is possible that changes occur or that errors exist. Do not hesitate to report them to us writing to . Inovad will in no case be liable for such errors.

Responsibility for sports activities or physical difficulty grade

The information presented on the site is put following the members opinion. This information is not contractual and can not in any way engage the responsibility of Inovad or the authors of the texts. The user agrees in its sole responsibility in practicing such activities. It is their responsibility to respect the rules of safety and use of specific materials and to ensure that he and his teammates have potential technical skills and physical abilities required.

Visiting the site does not in any way replace consultation with sports federations, tourist offices and local service providers, in order to have a recent and accurate information on conditions of practice and any security restrictions in progress.

Inovad recommends users caution in the use and interpretation of the information provided, and disclaims any liability for

incidents and accidents of any nature whatsoever resulting from use of the site and services.

Law and Jurisdiction

These Terms are subject to the French law and any dispute resulting from the implementation Site, services and TOS is exclusively competent courts.

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