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If you want to discover "the paradise of the world", Bali is an island, very green, accentuated by the numerous rice fields that are covering a part of …More

If you want to discover "the paradise of the world", Bali is an island, very green, accentuated by the numerous rice fields that are covering a part of the island.

The Bali island belongs to Indonesia and is famous for the tropical beaches and volcanic beauty with the huge palm trees and flowers. Hes original art, completes the landscape through sculpture, painting, dance and ceremonies dedicated to the gods. Bali combines the image of a tropical island with sun, sand and sea with the bustle of the restaurants, bars and shops.

Here you will find blue lakes, very deep, surrounded by green pastures, lakes of volcanic origin, because Bali is a volcanic island. Some volcanoes, are still active.

Everywhere around you'll discover a huge sea of flowers. In every place you will go, you should not go more than a few meters, you will come across flowers. Most of the flowers appear, open and fall over several days. The Balinese people use the flowers as gifts for the gods.

If you wake up in the morning and you will take a walk on the city streets you will see how all the inhabitants put in front of the house, of their shops or offices, a basket woven of the banana leaves filled with flowers. This are gifts to the gods, gifts meant to bless their day.

Among the natural attractions of Bali are the vast fine sand beaches, the quick rivers, the sacred caves and the lush tropical forest. The cultural heritage of the island is visible everywhere - over 20,000 temples and palaces, many festivals and ceremonies, which combines theater, music and dance.

Despite the globalization, the inhabitants are simple people who even if they found the technology, they proudly continue to dress in their traditional clothes and continues undisturbed their ceremonies more or less religious.

When you can go in Bali
The best period to visit Bali is from May to October, when it is the dry season and when is a great chances of sun.

Public transport
The public transport is practically nonexistent. The most common means of transport are the taxi for tourists and the scooters for the islanders. Even so, the prices are very reasonable.

The money in Bali
Here and there you can pay in US dollars or Australian dollars, but it is best to pay in the Indonesian rupee. There are exchange offices everywhere, and you can change dollars and euros, but also you can take money from ATMs

The prices
Prices are very low. You can negotiate the prices for absolutely any product or service you want. You can get lower prices with 40-60%. Only the prices in the supermarkets are fixed.

The food
The food is very good and cheap.
Nasi goreng, the translation for fried rice, is the Indonesian national dish and season with chicken or sea food. On the second place, among the favorite foods in Bali is me goreng, the variant with frying noodles. Soto ayam is a traditional chicken soup cooked with eggs, vegetables and spices. You must also try Sate - pieces of meat on bamboo sticks.
In matters of drinks you must try the rice wine and fruit juices. Coffee lovers should know that here in Bali you can find Kopi Luwak, the most expensive and finest coffee in the world.
My advice: eat in restaurants frequented by tourists and avoid buying the prepared food from the street merchants.

The trips
It is recommended that you make the trips with a guide who also has a car. Why? Because the roads are very small, and the traffic is very chaotic.
My advice: enjoy the beautiful landscapes, and do not look at the drivers!

Visiting the temples
You can visit temples only if you wear the sarong (including men).
My advice: to save some money, I recommend you to buy the sarong (are very cheap), it's pointless to rent them from every temple, will cost you much more

The handicrafts from Bali
In Bali each village had his craft. Here you will find: stone carving, wood carving, creating jewelery, etc. If you want to learn some crafts from the island, you can subscribe to the classes and you can keep the products created by you.

Touristic atractions
Do not miss the beautiful attractions and tours as: Kintamani Volcano Tour, The "Mother Temple", Bedugul Tour, North Bali Tour, Monkey Forest and Tanah Lot Tour or Handicraft Villages and Ubud Tour.

Traditional Balinese Dance
Most of the dance performances are kept in the evening, but you can see the Barong dance in the morning shows. The most representatives traditional dances are:
Barong - this dance is a representation of the struggle between the forces of chaos and destruction (Rangda) and those of order (the Barong)
Legong - very stylized and difficult dance, performed by young girls. It has a choreography that takes account of many details and not allow improvisation
Kecak - ritual dance, created in 1930 by Walter Spies. It impresses by a very large chorus (up to 100 singers).
The Dance of Fire - is a dance of exorcism of the evil forces - the girls are dancing barefoot through hot coals.
Ramayana - this dance is performed at various ceremonies
Wayang Kulit - is a puppet show in which the audience see only the shadows. The themes of the representations are inspired from myths and legends. The shows can take several hours, during which a puppeteer controls hundreds of dolls.

As souvenirs I would recommend you the famous Indonesian coffee, the natural teas, the spices, the silk scarves, silver jewelrys, the frames decorated with banana leaves and wood carvings. You can find all this to merchants with which you can negotiate.
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