Colosseum: A tale of gladiators
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If you ever go to Rome, everybody will tell you the Colosseum is a "must-see." And indeed, the old amphitheatre is still very impressive even if you won't be able to see …More
If you ever go to Rome, everybody will tell you the Colosseum is a "must-see." And indeed, the old amphitheatre is still very impressive even if you won't be able to see gladiator fights anymore. Every year around five million visitors explore this breath-taking monument and that is why I cannot recommend you more to prepare your visit.

Story time:

The Colosseum is the main amphitheatre of the Roman world, it is also the biggest and the most symbolic. It was built in 70 A.D. by emperor Vespasian and his son, emperor Titus and was inaugurated only 10 years later (even if many improvements were made after that). Very few degradations were made by the hand of the man, most of the damage came from natural disasters (earthquakes mostly). Actually, it is a real feat to find the Colosseum in its current state of preservation when we see its past.

Its inauguration in 80 A.D. was the pretext to organise huge Games, which lasted around 100 days and caused the death of around 5,000 felines and 2,000 gladiators.

The Colosseum could contain between 50,000 and 75,000 spectators. It served for nearly 500 years, mainly for gladiator fights, but also for other public spectacles (for example public executions, wild animal hunts, reconstructions of famous battles or dramas based on mythology, etc.).

Prepare your visit:

First, if you want to take beautiful pictures (and who doesn't want to?) of the monument before entering, I recommend accessing the Colosseum through the Via dei Fori Imperiali street. From there you will have a fantastic view of the best-preserved facade and at night the monument is beautifully illuminated (perfect to take more pictures!).

Ticket cost:
- For an adult: 12 euros (around $14.6).
- For 18-25s from the EU: 7.5 euros (around $9).
- For under 18s: entrance is free.
- Free for disabled people.
- Free for all every first Sunday of each month.

Please note that if you buy your ticket(s) online it will be a bit more expensive (but you will save time).

The Colosseum is open all days with the following hours:
From last Sunday in October to 15 February: 08.30 to 16.30
From 16 February to 15 March: 08.30 to 17.00
From 16 to last Saturday of March: 08.30 to 17.30
From the last Sunday in March until 31 August: 08.30 to 19.30
From 1 to 30 September: 08.30 to 19.00
From the first to the last Saturday in October: 08.30 to 18.30
The Colosseum is open every day except the 25th December and the 1st January.

The long queues:

As I said earlier, the Colosseum is visited every year by around 5 million people. So, you can imagine that there are long queues to visit it. In Summer especially queues can last between two and three hours. In addition, waiting time can be painful because you have to wait in full sun (temperatures can reach 30°C sometimes) and many people visit with their children (who are easily bored and impatient). So, if you really want to visit the Colosseum I cannot recommend you more to visit it outside of the summer months (or at least avoid during weekends).

Magic solution: You can buy "no-queuing tickets" on to avoid the long queues. They are a bit more expensive and you will have an indicated time to visit the monument. With these tickets, you will also enjoy the presence of a guide during your visit. And if something unexpected happens and you cannot go to your visit, don't worry you can cancel the visit one hour before the scheduled time.

Other information:

- The visit last between1 hour (if you do not have a guide or an audio guide) and 2 hours (if you have a guide).
- Yes, there are toilets (at the entrance).
- You will be searched before the visit and you cannot enter with your luggage.
- Be careful, there are often pickpockets around the famous monuments. So, take care of your belongings.
- With your ticket, you can also visit the Roman Forum (without having to buy another ticket)

Hope you will enjoy your visit!
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