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How to enjoy your journey at Disneyland Paris
If you already came to Disneyland Paris (or any Disneyland actually) you know that a ticket price is high, especially if you want to visit both Disneyland and Studio …More
If you already came to Disneyland Paris (or any Disneyland actually) you know that a ticket price is high, especially if you want to visit both Disneyland and Studio parks in which case the price is around 90€ ($108) per adult.

1st advice: I recommend you buy your tickets in advance to avoid long queues at your arrival. Moreover, if you buy your tickets on Disneyland’s website you could find interesting offers to save some money (for example if you buy dated tickets or student tickets, so check out!).

2nd advice: You should locate the attractions that you really want to do to avoid round-trips in the parks. Decide of what you want to do first or which park you want to visit first and if you want another advice: people usually start with Disneyland Studio, so if you want to avoid the crowd begin with the main park.

3rd advice: This advice is a bit obvious but still, if you want to avoid long queues to make the more attractions possible, you should avoid coming to Disneyland on week-ends (and school holidays). Moreover, ticket price may be cheaper.

4th advice: Ask Fastpass tickets to avoid attraction queues. It will make you save time, trust me.


5th advice: Even if there are many great restaurants and “food trucks” inside of the parks, they are often expensive and not so healthy. In theory, coming with your own food or snacks from outside of the park is not allowed BUT it is tolerated.

6th advice: You want to make attractions but (unfortunately) you came with your baby? Don’t worry, Disneyland has a solution for you: the baby switch card. No, it is not a card to switch your baby with someone else (even if sometimes we would like to?). One of the adults keeps the child while the other make the attraction and when it’s over the second can make the attraction without queuing again.

7th advice: There is a parade during the afternoon with all Disney characters, which is amazing for children and if you never saw the parade I recommend you attend one. But if you already saw one (or that you do not really care) you must know that at this moment there will be less people queuing to do the attractions.


8th advice: If it is your first time at Disneyland, do not hesitate to download the application of the park. You won’t be lost and you will be able to check the next attraction you will do while you are queuing.

9th advice: Another important thing to know is that sometimes attractions are renovated. If you do not want to have a bad surprise I recommend you to check on Disneyland’s website if all the attractions you want to do are open.

10th (and last) advice: If you want to make some shopping before leaving the park you must know that almost everybody does the same thing. So, if you want to avoid the crowd inside of the stores you have two choices: first, do your shopping in the morning (except if you want to buy big stuff); second, do your shopping during the parade because the crowd will be watching it.

You’re welcome!
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