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If you are wondering where you could do some shopping in Amsterdam, don't worry, you have plenty of opportunities! You'll find everything you need on the famous nine …More
If you are wondering where you could do some shopping in Amsterdam, don't worry, you have plenty of opportunities! You'll find everything you need on the famous nine streets!

You`ve probably heard of it as the nine streets are the most well-known streets of the Dutch capital. Situated on the sides of the 4 main Dutch canals: the Prinsengracht, the Keizersgracht, the Herengracht and the Singel these streets are full of shops and you don't have to be a shopaholic to leave each penny in those boutiques.

Each shop is different in style and you will surely find something to suit your taste. During my stay in Amsterdam I've walked along the nine streets several times and I would still return whenever I am in Amsterdam. However, it is impossible to remember the names of all the boutiques I've been to, so I will try to mention the ones that certainly made my day and that maybe will suit your taste too!

The Zipper is a vintage boutique I really enjoyed. I've actually spent some time in there, there are so many vintage and second hand clothes. It is more likely an American style shop than a Dutch one, but they have really good vintage clothes, accessories and good prices for that matter.

Another chic vintage clothing shop is Laura Dols. You will find here dresses, jackets, tuxedos, perhaps the greatest selection of vintage clothes.

If you want something authentic and Dutch be sure not to miss the Kaaskamer, a shop loaded with the finest selection of cheese. In the Kaaskamer you will find over 400 different cheese types. Beside cheese it has also meats, dried fruits, nuts, wines, olives and salads and they are all of good quality. In my opinion the prices are not that high, you can buy cheese from 2 to 20 € per kilo, it depends on the type you choose. You must try the sandwiches they make! Absolutely delicious! I had the baguette sandwich and it was really good. You can choose from several filling and bread types. The staff is at your service, they are all cheese experts. I was relieved that they helped me pick what cheese to buy because I don't know much about cheese and with their help I've found out a lot. They will give you free samples as well so you will be able to taste and decide which cheese do your taste buds like. You should enter in this shop even if you don't want to buy cheese, just the sight of so much cheese is an amazing experience, in my opinion! Trust me you will regret it if you skip it! I will definitely go back the next time I'm in Amsterdam!

If you get hungry in your adventure along the nine streets I totally recommend to buy a sandwich from the Hartenkaas, the choice is huge and all the ingredients are of good quality and fresh. Waiting for your sandwich can get a little frustrating, but trust me it is worth it, it will be perhaps one of the most delicious sandwiches you've eaten. Your sandwich is prepared right in front of you from fresh bread. I'm not a big fan of sandwiches and I try to avoid eating them as much as possible, but at Hartenkaas I couldn't resist the temptation and I can say that I was so pleased that I ended up returning two times during my stay in Amsterdam. The price of a sandwich ranges between 4 and 5 €, which might seem expensive for a sandwich, but after all quality must be paid!

I have to mention the Witte Tandenwinkel as well, as this is one interesting shop in Amsterdam. You will find here a selection of products for the dental and oral care that are not likely to be found anywhere else. I bought some funny shaped toothbrushes as gifts for some friends.

These are the shops I really enjoyed visiting in Amsterdam. Hope you will find your favourite on the nine streets!
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