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Why the city of light – La ville Lumière ? Is it because it had the first street public lighting in the 17th century installed to fight criminality? or is it in …More
Why the city of light – La ville Lumière ? Is it because it had the first street public lighting in the 17th century installed to fight criminality? or is it in relation with the 18th century booming cultural and philosophical activity in Paris, which became the center of influence in Europe in what we call le Siècle de Lumières – The century of lights?
Well probably a bit of both, and you will sure feel why it is called the city of light when you will be doing a night tour and enjoy the magnificence of its lit monuments.

Paris, Paris,…what can we say to introduce this city… Well it is not a hazard why it is the most visited city in the world with more than 30 million tourists a year; A fantastic sightseeing city, with major monuments covering all centuries from the Roman era to the 20th century. From the Roman Therms to Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral, the Louvre Palace, the Opéra Garnier, Montmartre, the Eiffel Tower and finally La Défense new district with it skyscrapers.

If you are an Art lover, you will enjoy the richest and most visited museum in the World – The Louvre, the richest collection of Impressionists at Musée d'Orsay, the Modern Art museum Georges Pompidou, the biggest collection of Picassos in its dedicated museum (to reopen after renovation in summer 2013) and many other great museums and monuments;

If you love cultural activities, Paris offers a wide variety of premium plays, exhibitions, Operas, concerts,… Parisians love going out to theaters, and other cultural events, and since the city is a cultural hub, you will always find top level shows.

If you are a Gourmet, you will enjoy many amazing food and wine experiences, from the typical small Parisian restaurant with all its charm, to three stars Michelin Gastronomic restaurant where you will have the most refined cuisine ever!

If you are a Businessman, with 572 Billion EUR GDP (2010), Paris region is the richest region in Europe, with many major professional exhibitions and fairs throughout the year. You will also enjoy the best transport hub in Europe, with major airports, fantastic high speed train connections with Europe's biggest cities, and premium national and international highways.

Now of course nothing is perfect in this world, and you should be aware that the quality of service is quite low except for luxury hotels and restaurants. The city is invaded all year long by tourists, so many places don't do much effort on customer loyalty since most of them are passing by. Also, like in many touristic places, beware for pick pockets or thiefs. You will find in FriendsChoices all kinds of tips and recommendations to make your trip in Paris the most pleasant possible.
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