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When you are in a new city the first thing that causes you problems is public transport. This is why whenever I travel to a new place I try to find as many information …More
When you are in a new city the first thing that causes you problems is public transport. This is why whenever I travel to a new place I try to find as many information as possible on buses, trains, trams etc. Even so I get always in the situation to ask a passer-by for extra information. This is why I want to share with you my experiences with public transport in the Dutch capital, Amsterdam.
Amsterdam is a really nice city, definitely one of my favorite and the one with the most funny memories.

In this capital you have many options for the public transport: you can take either the metro, tram or bus or my favorite, the bike. The metros, buses and trams run from 6 am until 12:30 am. If you have to go somewhere after 12:30 am, to the airport for example, there are special night buses with limited service, they start around 1 am.

Where do you buy your tickets from? Well in general in the case of buses and trams you can buy a ticket from the driver and if you want to go somewhere with the metro you will buy your ticket from the machines youl see at the entrance to the metro station. The metro is pretty much the same as in any other country.
Tickets in Amsterdam can be tricky for a tourist. With a single ticket you can travel for an hour and it will cost you 2.80 €. Be careful if you have to change buses or trams, you have to check out from the first tram/bus in order to be able to check in on the next one, otherwise your ticket will be blocked. For me it was a bit unusual until I'd got used to it. If you have traveled to London you probably know that they have the same system. If you have to make more than two journeys you should really go with the 24 hour ticket costing 7.50 €. This can also be bought from the driver and I recommend it to each tourist.

You've probably heard of the famous OV- Chipkaart which was introduced from 2011. Public transport can be really cheap if you have an OV-Chipkaart, but in my opinion it is not as cheap for tourists. If you live in Amsterdam or plan on staying a month or more, than you can make an OV-Chipkaart, but for only one or two weeks it is not worth it. First of all, you have to make a card (fill and send an application form in Dutch ), pay for that card and than put money on it so that you could travel by bus or tram. It's true that you have various discounts and for a longer period of time it is the best way to get around in Amsterdam. As in the case of tickets the same goes for the OV-Chipkaart, you have to ckeck-in and check-out every single time! If you forget to check out you will lose around 4 € from your card.

However, you have many other optionsl, you can buy ticket from one to seven days. The prices vary: 1 day 7.50 €, 2 days 12 €, 3 days 16.50 €, 4 days 21 €, 5 days 26€, 6 days 29.50 € and 7 days for 32 €. By knowing exactly what type of ticket you need you can save some money.

If you plan on visiting many museums than the Iamsterdam card is your best option. I had this while I was in Amsterdam and I have to say that this card makes it easy to explore the city, to visit many museums. Moreover, with the Iamsterdam city card you can go by train and visit the towns and places that are close to Amsterdam, like the Zaanse Schans or Haarlem. Plus, at the end of your Amsterdam visit you can keep it as a souvenir.
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